All Of The Photo Spots Around You

Do you find yourself running out of spots to take beautiful pictures at? What about when you go to an unfamiliar location where you have to rely on Google Maps and go inch by inch on Satellite View to find a worthy spot?

We were there too, that’s why we came up with a Photo Spots app built by Photographers for Photographers. It took us over two years to build a foundation for the app and discover tons of cool locations where you can snap some awesome pics for your portfolio or social media page!

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Photography Location App for Photographers

GPS Locations

Get exact coordinates to beautiful locations with a click of a button.

Photographers (YOU) are able to share the locations with your friends by simple tagging the location on your mobile device and uploading picture with it.  We work relentlessly hard to make sure that GPS coordinates for each location uploaded are the correct ones.

We are a community that’s dedicated to helping others in our niche. We want you to have the access of all of the best locations around you, and if we don’t have some of the locations, we Kindly ask you to share your new finds! You will get rewarded for it!


The more locations you upload the more locations you can unlock!

To make it worthy of everyone time and effort, we have implemented a point (Snaps) system and this is how it works:

With every new location that you add, you get rewarded a point, once your location reaches 10 votes and they are 4+ star votes, you are going to be rewarded 2 extra Snaps!

To unlock another location you will have to use your snaps. If a location is rated as 1-2 stars, then you will only spend one Snap for it. If a location is a 3-4 star location, you will have to spend 2 Snaps to unlock it. For a 4-5 star location, you will be set back 3 Snaps.

We strive to become the biggest resource available to photographers around the world. However due to us being fairly new, we are only starting out in United States and are working on getting into other markets as well. So bare with us!

Location App for Photographers

A Feature Packed App for Amateur And Pro Photographers

What you are getting is an extremely precise GPS location database packaged for easy every day use. You can sort locations by the type of shots that you want to take from car shoots to landscape, it’s all here.

We are continuously improving the app and adding new locations daily. With the help of our photography community, we strive for Photo Spots to be the only go to app that you will ever need to find the perfect spot for your photo shoot.

As Photo Spots creators we came up with the idea after looking for an app like this for years with no results. The void for such an app became obvious after talking with hundreds of photographers. What started off as just a hobby, quickly became an obsession. Seeing how helpful our app is to our fellow photographers, puts a smile on our faces every day.

Ignas Varkala - Co-Founder of Photo Spots.

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